Phone:  1-309-893-4152

P.O. Box 345

Saybrook, IL 61770

About Our Company

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At Wireless Data Net, LLC we are commited to providing you the best Internet Experience

In 2005 Wireless Data Net, LLC was formed to fullfill a need for rural residents

to gain valuable access to high speed Internet access. Since that time, we

have grown to include over 18 local, and rural communities throughout

Central Illinois. We are pleased to be part of the communities that we serve.


Our Work Team

Tristan Johnson

Principle Owner/Member and Founder

Why Choose Us


We live, work, and spend money with other local businesses in each of our towns that we provide

service to.

2. Local Involvement

We donate to local charities and participate in

events that are essential to our small towns

3. We Aren't New!!

Many companies have come and gone since we

started in 2005. Don't be fooled by new company

names that are just the same old network. Or the

"new guy" without proven experience.

No Contracts.. EVER!!!