P.O. Box 345 Saybrook, IL 61770

Phone:  1-309-893-4152

All plan pricing is based off of our lowest auto-pay price ( utilizing a10% discount)

There are NO automatic overage charges with any of our plans.


Up to 2 Mbps Down / 256K Up

20GB Allowance

Auto-Pay  only   $ 22.50


Up to 2 Mbps Down / 256K Up

70GB Allowance



Up to 4 Mbps Down / 1 Mbps Up

180GB Allowance



Up to 5 Mbps Down / 2 Mbps Up

220GB Allowance



Up to 6 Mbps Down / 3 Mbps Up

300GB Allowance


Green color represents the best in each catagory, Our Standard plan is the best average of all plans